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I'll take good news where I can get it

The second school term ended and the boys got their report cards. I'm amazed, proud, and pleased as punch at all three. Doc has been struggling with sitting still and cooperating. First grade has been a challenge - they expect results! But his teacher says he's doing much better. He's reading and comprehending above grade level and likes to go to school.

Kit made the honor roll for the second time in row. Unbelievable! Wonderful! He struggled so hard last year just to keep up and now he's coping better with all his subjects and making a better go of it with his social life, too. We'll find something really special to do to celebrate this.

Tio is B average, not as good as he could do but in the past couple of weeks he brought several of his grades up from C. So this is improvement. We've struggled a lot to stay at the top with his academics even though he keeps insisting that he can be an A student. He just doesn't knuckle down to it. He knows how and I told him tonight to prove it. We still struggle with concentration issues but maybe this is a good time to stand back and see what he's learned and can do on his own.

In a month of turmoil and bad news all around, these reports are the best thing that has happened so far this year.