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Strange Days

Yesterday ran overtime. Buddy and I met with Kit's teachers to work out some playground issues and make sure his mind stays on his work. He's really starting to read a lot which is terrific, (he confessed that sometimes after lights out he switches the lamp on to read. I already knew it. "Like I'm going to stop that?" I said.) and he's been writing articles to make a family newspaper. The teachers suggested that he could start a school newspaper. There are other kids that would be interested. A counsellor offered to organize them, I said I'd do layout and editing. He's excited about the idea and we may be off to the start of something good.
Tio came home from his basketball game with three wins. The first was winning the game itself, the second is that he's finally on the starting line, and the other was a girl on the opposing squad (there is a girls and boys game that run back to back) said he was hot and a really good player. That'll put any boy in the right frame of mind.

Buddy has been assigned to go to other branches of his store franchise and teach the sales teams how to improve their departments. This is a huge boost for his self esteem and won't hurt his pay either.

So much for the good news.
Tish is coming down with a cold and working extra hours to make up the time lost when I was in hospital. Poor Doc sat bolt upright in bed around 9 pm and launched his supper all over the his bed. After cleaning that mess up I sat down to read the prep instructions for the PET scan I'm scheduled for next week. Down at the bottom it said, "For 8 hours following the scan don't hug any pregnant women or children and don't allow any small children to sit in your lap."

Let the radioactive games begin!