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The times they are 'a changin'

I've mentioned that my stepping down from running the family might create some problems and getting used to the changes do have everything in a bit of turmoil. Even though Tish and Buddy are doing a great job and the kids are responding well enough, we have a lot of speed bumps ahead.

What I didn't expect, and should have, was for Tish to be the first casualty. She's totally stressed out over me plus having so much more to do with the boys that the last straw broke over something not that big today and she had a meltdown.

There's no question that the boys are 3 oversized handfuls and Tish was never interested in being their full time keeper. This change that is so may be too much and I don't want to wait to find out. I don't think I have the luxury of completely stepping aside as I imagined only a couple of days ago. 

This is like a puzzle where I know the pieces can all fit together so we can all make it through this. But it's a Rubic's cube not at jigsaw and those always take more patience, understanding and cunning to solve.