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When dual personalities conflict

Yesterday Tio threw an insult at me that showed me that he is still such a little boy but then today he took a chance on something that indicated there's a brave young man lurking in there. I guess that's what teenagers are all about.

His insult was showed that he is still very self absorbed at a time when there are bigger things going on in the family than his immediate wants. He said that I hold him down because I'm not interested in his scooter, which is his latest sport craze. Me, holding him down? Me, who taught him to read and write when he was 4, who's been there every week of his life no matter what was going on, who drives him to every sport and pushes him to achieve because he's so smart. It made me angry and I let him have it.

After I cooled off, I explained that I'm not interest in his scootering because I'm surviving 3 surgeries and fighting cancer, and his sports take a back seat right now. I can only hope he understands that because there is a world beyond the end of his nose that sometimes requires more attention then his self involvement allows for. It calls for some real maturity.

Then today he called up a local business looking for sponsors to start a scooter club he and his friends want to compete with. While this is still working on his own interests, I've never seen him reach that far on his own. It may or may not amount to anything, but the fact that is his making the first step is important and shows a kind of maturity.

I'll take 10 insults if I can get just one of those initiatives. That's a spark I've been waiting a long time for. I hope it lights a fire.