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Children of the Corndog

When the boys first moved in here (some thousand years ago), they were used to eating instant dinners, fast food, and junk, junk, junk. I figured that was easy and what with life being short, I bought Hamburger Helpers, Instant Potatoes, Corndogs, and whatever looked convenient.

By the end of 3 weeks my system was so overloaded with puffy preservatives that I could feel them popping through my skin. I took one last bite of sodium bisulphate and threw the rest of the mess out vowing that the kids would eat well from then on. And we did, too. There have been no mixes in the house for over 2 years. Oh, the odd cake mix and spaghetti sauce but everything was hand made from that day forth. You know, it took 2 months for their taste buds to reboot so that they could taste real food and recognize the grease content at McPinkslimes.

Well, I’m not the head chef and bottle washer for the time being so regurgitated chicken patties, corndogs and frozen meat pies are starting to creep back into the freezer again. Buddy never was a cook. It takes him 5 minutes to butter a slice of bread (he does a thorough job!) and with all the rest of the stuff he’s up to he can’t think ahead long enough to prepare anything. Tish never did like to cook and to give her credit she does really well at the stuff she does. But she’s busy too with the day zooming past her like a rocket so I can’t blame her for picking up the odd prepared frozen supper.

I don’t like the idea of us slipping back into food additive hell, even if it’s temporary. So I better get the crock pot out and flip through the old recipe book before we all start looking like Porko von Popbutton.