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"It was sad when the great ship went down"

Here it is 100 years that the Titanic went down off the Grand Banks. Amazing that it is so vividly drawn on our collective memories after all this time. More than any other vehicular disaster in history, I think. (except perhaps the mass Pelopenesian Blimp Bumpings of 239 BC).

When I was a kid we used to sing songs about the Titanic (the title of this post being a line from one) and, for my part, I've contributed to the story in a small way with my novel THE  MARINER'S CURSE, by creating a demon that was brought to life by a bad deed aboard the Great Ship on that fateful April night 100 years ago.

If you haven't read The Mariner's Curse, give it a try. I know you'll like it. It's written for kids but a nice read for anyone. I got many good reviews but the best one was from a boy who said it was one of his two all time favorite books. The other was Charlotte's Web. Praise doesn't get much better than that.

It's available in paperback through Amazon. Click here to get reviews, news, and your copy: The Mariner's Curse

Suspenseful and even slightly frightening, this is a story which brings together the myths of the sea, the stories of famous ship wrecks, and the sufferings of a guilt-ridden heart. We watch as Rory struggles to put together the pieces of this peculiar and ultimately deadly puzzle. With great skill the author feeds us clues about the fearful "Morgan." We are drawn into this powerful tale and find ourselves hoping desperately that Rory finds the answers before he and everyone of the ship are wiped out by some malevolent force. Powerful and sometimes painful, this is a wonderful book for those interested in the sea and its mysteries.