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Our real Easter Bunny

The last couple of weeks we've been noticing that my dog Bunnie is getting quite fat. Tish kept telling me to lean out the kibbles and snacks and I did a bit. It didn't help. Besides, I'm not feeding her any more than I have the past year, she gets more exercise now and she hadn't been packing on the pounds before.

We added it up. "She either has a thyroid problem, or she's got a secret stash of tacos, or..." We looked at each other. "...she's pregnant!"

Tish took a look while we counted back. She was in heat in February so that timing is right. Her nipples are large. Gulliver is an intact male and we were destracted by all my medical stuff enough that we may not have kept them separate enough, and finally - she looks like a tugboat.

By all accounts we should have a litter of Easter chicks from our Bunnie in the next couple of weeks. Looks like I may have something to keep me busy this spring after all.