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Good Ol' Suppertime

I seem to be batting a thousand with meals this week. Everything I've made all 3 boys have slurped down like it was mac n' cheese straight from the Kraft factory. Tonight I made a cold penne and chicken salad with deviled eggs on the side. I figured I'd get at least one complaint. Nope. Tio said it was the best and only pasta salad he'd ever liked. I made curried rice with spicy sausage. They want me to make it again. Last week it was chicken taquitos and then I invented salsa joes. It's like a magic show. I put it on the table and it all disappears. These are all recipes I make up as I go along, too, so I must be hitting some kind of groove where we all jive.

Maybe now is a good time to whip out the liver and onions and see just how far I can go! Or would that be just asking for trouble...