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To a terrific dad and a great son.

I had an idea last night that we put into motion today. It was a good day for me. I bought some wood this morning, Tio and I constructed the frame for an hour around noon and when the younger boys got home we all painted it dark green. When all was done we'd all built a mini porch for him to sit out of the rain and put his feet up of an evening when he goes outside to have a smoke. It has railings on it and a flat roof with a 4'x4' floor. It was fun. Kit suggested we call it The Smokehouse, Tio liked The Man Cave, Doc didn't say and I wasn't sure. I was thinking more on the lines of The Bomb Shelter. We all shouted "Happy Father's Day!" when we took him out to show it off. "Now you have your own smoking lounge." He was very pleased. He can use it for as long as he smokes and if he quits, which he hopes to do, it'll make a great gazebo.