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What we did on our summer vacation

It appears as though there may not be a summer program that we can enroll the kids in this year. The funding got dropped and organizers need 50 kids by this Friday or they can't run it. Man, this is serious! Three rambunctious boys home every day, all day for 10 weeks. I'd almost have more cancer treatments. I'll have to contend with the day in/day out onslaught of 'whatdowedonowgrampy', constant bickering, and vying for attention. I did this 2 summers ago and, while it wasn't easy, we survived by spending lots of time at the park and beach, drinking gallons of kool-aid, and eating a million picnic sandwiches. It's amazing how mind numbing looking after kids all day can be. I know, I'm suposed to think it's a challenge and good for the kids and all that, but phooey. Constantly chasing them around finding things for them to do, kicking them out of the house to be bored somewhere else. I remember with my own kids I told them if they gave me the morning to work, I'd spend the afternoon with them. But that was almost 30 years ago. Maybe I'll start a private summer school and put them to work on the books all day. There's always the possibility of having them generate electricity on some sort of bicycle contraption. How about panhandling on Main Street for their allowance. Perhaps one of them could read stories to me all day while the other 2 fan the air. They could cook frozen dinners all week and we'll sell them at the farmers market on Friday afternoons. Hmmmm. Maybe this won't be such a hard summer after all.