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Change is life

I'm at the pub on a Wednesday, as I used to do, thinking about past Wednesday's here. It was the only day I got away from the kids for the longest time. Even then they used to call constantly and work out their issues over the phone. Buddy was in over his head and they knew it. Poor guy got run around like a rat in a no-win maze. Now, my phone doesn't ring anymore. Buddy has things under control and the boys have a routine that they respect.

It's good that things change. Some things get worse, some better but change is inevitable and we all have to ride it like waves and a current on the sea. You can tack and ride the winds, sometimes change direction. I've never understood people who want things to always stay the same. As though where they are in life can last them a lifetime. Same job, same schedule, same routine, same vacation, same meals. They think that is playing it safe. I'm not so sure.

I hope the boys learn to take chances, a few risks along the way, that challenge them. Kit is already on that path, maybe too much so. He'll have to face resistance which inevitably creates changes in life's path. Tio may take the path of least resistance. It's hard to say right now. It's hard to teach that. I think risk taking and embracing new things comes with the experience of how change effects us along the way.