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The Bobblehead Family at Home

Me & Grammo Immortalized in Bobble
Let me kick off this new chapter with a bit of a domestic update.

Tio is a basketball champ. We're still struggling with his lack of dedication to academics. He's a bright and curious kid. He was asking about the value of morality/integrity yesterday ("I know you believe there should be a ban on all assault weapons, Grampy. Would you sell them for Ruger's if they paid you a million dollars?"). That's fairly deep water for an 8th grader.

Kit still wants to be a girl. I dyed his hair blonde last week and he buys all his clothes in the girl's department. He worries about what will happen to him when he hits puberty ("will I be gay or just still want to be a girl?"). None of us knows but we're facing it open eyed and open minded. Won't be long until we find out.

Speaking of clothes... Doc got a gift card at Christmas and spent it entirely online buying clothes. A 7 year old buying clothes. Seriously? We shopped for shirts and skinny jeans and socks - yep, socks, you heard right. One of the shirts even had a tie with it. I recall at that age when I had any cash I wanted G.I. Joe, Hot Wheels, candy and more toys. I left clothing to my parents.

While they all get along better than they ever have they fight and make up like normal siblings which keeps the place at a constant dull roar. Kit flirts with the idea of being vegetarian but loves pork too much to make it stick. Doc is a constant blithering chatterbox and Tio skypes with his girlfriend all night. As l said, all normal stuff.

As for the adults in the mix? Tish (Grammo, and my reason for living, to the uninitiated) is 63 and retiring from full time work next week. She plans to set up dog training classes from home. Buddy, the boy's dad, has a new girlfriend who has 2 small kids of her own adding a whole new element into our lives.

That should be enough to get us started. As for me...