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A free ride in a police car

Kit and Doc were suppose to be in their own bedrooms picking up. Kit of course couldn't mind his own business and stay on his own task. I could hear shouts from Doc, telling Kit to get out of his room. I yelled for Kit to come upstairs.

"I was just getting this stuff out of Doc's room," said Kit as he plopped a bunch of junk in my lap - a half-eaten hard candy in a tube, a container of powdered candy, and several sticks of gum.

"Doc stole this when we were at the store yesterday," Kit said, with a very smug, oh-boy-he's-in-trouble-now on his face. No, he wouldn't steal. Well yes, turns out when Grampy said all they could get was a bathing suit for day camp, Doc decided to literally take things into his own hands and stuff them into his pockets.

Now Doc has already tried something similar to this. At the grocery store when Grampy said 'no' to the extras, Doc started putting stuff in the cart, like a container of fresh spinach, which he didn't really want but was desperate to sneak SOMETHING past Grampy. That kind of backfired as Grampy made him eat the spinach, which he doesn't like. So I guess when that failed, he decided to change his tactics. And it would have worked had his brother not wanted to get him in trouble.

So John and I talked, deciding that the best way to teach Doc a lesson would be to go back to the store with the items and have the store manager talked to him about what can happen when somebody steals from the store. And off they went.

The woman at the service desk was totally taken back. She couldn't remember anyone ever bringing their kids back to the store to return stolen items. So she ushered them to the back of the store so that Doc could talk to the head of store security. As luck would have it, there was a police officer already at the security office to pick up somebody who was shoplifting. Reality was starting to set in for Doc. He had his conversation with security. John paid for the items and promptly threw them in the trash.

Doc came home, vowing he had learned his lesson and would never, ever do that again. He told me the police were there and he thought he would get arrested. I said, "You know, Doc, there is a sign in the room where you try clothes on that says 'Shoplifting will get you a free ride in a police car' so you really need to take this seriously."

"Really?" said Doc, "Where do they take you?"

Spoken like a true 7 year old. We have our work cut out for us.

Cheerio - and have a great Saturday!