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It's almost August!

Yikes! I can't believe it's almost August 1st. I haven't posted anything since the end of June. July has been a busy and interesting month for me, mostly because of reconnecting with some of my family members. I have been estranged from them for a long time because of my adversarial relationship with my father. My mother died in 1997 and I was unable to see her before she died because of him. He died last November at the age of 95. My sister was here this month to pack up his house and get it up for sale. She wanted to get together while this was going on. It was a visit filled with emotional discoveries for me, which I will write about another time, but oddly enough, it allowed me to reconnect with my mother.

John is busy with his work and since he is the major bread winner right now, this is a good thing! He's also fencing regularly and steadily improving his skill level. He's a good man! Kit and Doc are enjoying day camp which keeps them very busy. Kit and I are coming to some agreements on a wardrobe for the school year...details to follow.  Tio is working on his gaming and video editing. He and I are learning Italian, a light-hearted effort but fun when we get around to it. He balks at different chores around the house but does them.

Since I have taken on most of the cooking and kitchen duties, I am endeavoring to make everything from scratch. I made bread for the first time in many years, granola bars, cakes, crock pot and electric skillet dinners...nothing out of a box. The only time they get boxed mac and cheese is when it's dad's time to parent them. I'm still arranging the kitchen to my liking. And still can't get the hang of grocery shopping...  I also have a dog client here and there and hope to get classes started again in the fall.

So as July comes to a close, life chugs along in our neck of the woods. Hope it finds you well in yours.
Cheerio then -