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A First Tryst

Doc came home from Kindergarten saying he had a bad secret to tell. His eyes twinkled with excitement and he hid his embarrassed laugher behind his hands, kind of like giggling over a dirty word. Not too worried, I crouched down to his height and asked him to whisper it ‘just to me’.

He put his mouth to my ear and started sputtering, “Nkknkkknnnkkk..pphhhhtt...” and had to back off three times, giggling with eyes a poppin’, trying to contain his amused awkwardness behind both hands clapped over his mouth. Finally, he whispered, “ friend Abby kissed me! Nnnnkkkkppphhhtnnkkk...” and turned red waiting eagerly for my response.

“No!” I gasped in mock horror, my own hand flying to my lips. “She kissed you? Where?”

He leaned in close again. “In the cafeteria!”

I don’t remember the last time my cafeteria got a kiss. Do you?