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Stupid Questions Drive Me Nuts

Am I getting old and less tolerant, or are kids really this thick?

On the way to the recycling center Kit asked what a city block was. Having grown up rurally and never been to a city, he didn’t understand the concept of blocks. I couldn’t explain it clearly so I said we’d go into town and drive around one on our way home. In the end, we didn’t have time and went straight home.

Less than an hour later, during his homework, he asked “Did we go see a block on the way home, Grampy?”

DUH? We drove straight home along a road that he’s traveled hundreds of times during his nine and a half years. How could he possibly think we went somewhere else when he was in the car the whole time? He has his moments but he’s not stupid or even slow. But this is common fare from him and Doc. They pelt the stupidest questions and inanities at me all the time. Tio’s not so bad but the other two drive me nuts.

Talking without thinking. Asking questions you know the answer to. Repeating the same questions over and over no matter how many times I answer. I finally had to tell them I’ve had enough and challenge them on it or tell them to shut up. I know Doc is only five but how many times can you hear the question “What’s for supper?” in the same hour?

When Buddy and Sugar were kids I don’t remember it being this bad. I wonder if being younger and maybe more flexible I just didn’t notice. But I don’t see any reason to keep answering. I mean, how do you answer a question like Kit’s? Do I just assume he really doesn’t know that we drove straight home within the hour? Do I act like it’s an honest question? Or do I tell him to think before he talks and get him to use his brain a bit more before speaking?

This kind of stuff really tries my patience so I need to tread carefully to avoid seeming condescending or insulting. On the other hand, if they’re just being lazy in their thinking, it doesn’t do any of us a whit of good to promote it.