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Kids & Dogs. Gotta Love 'em

Buddy gets home from work late so he makes his own supper after the kids are in bed and the place is quiet. Last night I was working in my shop and I heard Doc crying. He has chronic earaches so I got him some medicine and sat with him while he calmed down and went back to sleep. Next thing I know, some serious swearing comes wafting through the wall and Buddy storms up the stairs in a temper. Seems he’d left his supper in front of the TV in his room and one of the dogs ate it all right down to the dipping sauce. So he was slamming doors and tromping up and down gunning for me. Bunnie is my dog so maybe he thought I told her to do it. He couldn’t find me in the usual places so he woke up his mom asking where I was, startled Doc, and headed back down to the scene of the crime.

On his last stomp down the stairs I met him at the boys bedroom door with a finger to my lips so he’d shut up. He starts into it and I said Doc was hurting and couldn’t sleep so I was in there calming him down, which I manage to do despite the tornado going through the house. That took the steam out of his shorts. He mangled his words behind his teeth and stormed off.

I slipped back into my workshop and laughed. Hey, if I have to wipe up after his kids all day long, I guess he’s going to have to take some sass from our dogs.