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An Unspoken Epidemic

I’m not much of a talker with other parents or into support groups. For better or worse, I keep my own counsel, talk with family and sort things out for myself. This blog is the first time I’ve been ‘real’ in my writing because I really prefer fiction.
So, I was at the elementary school the other day with a group of parents all sitting in dolls house furniture that was never built for a bad back, and as will happen in awkward silences amongst adults, someone opened their mouth. A mom asked one of the others about her kid. Big mistake. Huge. Turns out the woman was one of us - a G-mom. She laid it on about her sad sack son and his bad choice in girlfriends and all the troubles they’d been through, including jail time which is more common than you might think, that landed poor G-mom with an unhappy hyperactive bundle of joy that she was now registering in school. By the time she was done the only dry eye in the place was mine because I’ve been hearing stories like this over and over for months now. Her grandson came back from his interview, they got up to leave and she said “Good talking to you. I guess I can skip my support group this week.”

Man, does our society need to take a good look in the mirror. If we don’t do something about this epidemic we are headed for big trouble.

Now I guess I don’t need to go to my support group meeting this week, either. :>p