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"What time is it?" - Tio's First Post

Grampy is right. I mean it's wrong to disagree with the man in charge... right? But if I keep getting the same answer in my head, when I forget to do something now and again..... I always get, "But I will" it doesn't seem to work anymore. Not that it was an exuse, it really wasn't. I said it because I mean it... but I get it... the chores, my timing for certant things, it's all very easy to remember. But exactly when I use my time... I forget all about the freakin’ thing. It's a real problem because there's a way to remember it without forgeting it at the last second. It's hard for me to remember. Other stuff, yup perfect, there's no time limit for the computer so there's no hassle. But I mean c'mon! Seriously! It's not that hard. I agree with Grampy, but Ijust don't know why I can't remeber my job.
This is Tio.... Peace.