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What does it mean when you see your dog wearing your wife’s panties?

We have 2 intact bitches and one intact male. Several times a year our females go into heat and since they all live together in the house we have to separate them. They can’t all sleep in the same room, can’t hang around together and can’t go outside, either. Add on that our 2 females don’t like each other and have to be separated all the time anyway. Add on that Gulliver starts fighting over food, Bunnie fights over me, and Maddie won’t back down if she’s challenged so we have baby gates blocking the kitchen, the back hall, the bottom of the stairs, the top landing and both bedrooms.

Okay, scene set. Now picture this. To keep the menstrual blood from dribbling all over the floor the whole time we pull some old underwear up over their bums. Imagine 2 red Australian Shepherds strutting around the house in flower pattern satin panties that used to decorate Tish’s lovely behind. Believe me, the first time you see your wife’s underpants on the dog you need a stiff drink, if not psychotherapy. It kind of changes the outlook in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. Not that Tish would ever be wearing those particular garments again, but I’d enjoyed the sight of them before and now ---- well, not so much. The sight of the wagging butts while we pull them on and off all day to go outside adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

I guess it proves that I really do love the dogs. Nothing subliminal going on there.

P.S. I think Lisa at should hang some of these on her line :O)