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Can You Inspire Creativity?

Last night I couldn't think of anything to blog on. Not that I was blocked, there just wasn't a fresh perspective to glean from the day. Thinking about that in itself, I'm lucky that I've never had writer's block. I can always find an idea or direction for what I'm working on (finding the time is another issue). Give me a premise and I can turn it into a story because I live inside my imagination.

Over the years I've tried ignite that in Tio and Kit. We've gone on adventures to the planet Fbiblinar, rescued the world from monster bunnies, forged dangerous white water rapids, created movies, rode our choppers to deliver fresh made dirt pizza, written stories and played dolls - all within a mile of our home. While it's all been good stuff in itself and sparked them in many ways, neither of them have really pursued the world of the imaginary.

Tio is a good writer. He uses words well and in some original ways. He's very practical in his focus, though. Follows sports and lets video games do his imagining for him. His imagination may blossom but he's not all that interested in exercising it right now.

Kit only imagines himself as being famous without doing anything creative to spark it. Nothing wrong with that for a 10 year old. I'd love to see him push just a bit harder with music or drawing but unless the "mood" takes him, he doesn't want any part of it.

I hope that will change for both of them as time goes by. When they need ideas and creative influence, digging down within themselves would be a great place to find it. Their dad and aunt aren't creative at all and no amount of working on it made it happen.

Creativity is an amazing gift. Whenever I visit schools as an author the first question they ask is "where do you get your ideas?". There is no way to answer that.
I can't make it happen, I can only hope to help them find it in themselves. That goes for kids on school visits and the boys right here at home.