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Guilty Without Pleasures.

Today was my day off from the boys. I dropped a jewelry ad off to a local publication, went skating, got a haircut, took a nap and managed to write for a couple of hours on my novel. All in all a good day. Tish wouldn't be home until late so I decided to make enchiladas for everyone since Buddy would be home and there'd would be chaos getting through the evening without my supervision.

There was some typical arguing over the dishes, a bit of shouting at Dad, and the usual rude remarks that they just can't keep to themselves. If this had happened 6 months ago, I would have thought it a perfect, calm evening, an exception to be praised. But tonight it got under my skin and wore me down faster than a wave over sand.
I blasted Tio and Kit for taking away my quiet evening because if I left them alone Kit would scream at his Dad and Tio would slam doors and swear a blue streak about how bad things were.

I was really surprised to find myself completely spent by 8 o'clock. I suspect it's a good thing to keep raising expectations so that today's goal is tomorrow's standard. I just don't want to get so overwhelmed I can't stop to appreciate it.

I suspect I need to make sure my day off stays my day off. I just wish I didn't feel guilty doing it.