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Do I do unto others?

Debbie called me yesterday while the boys were with her. I haven't spoken with her more than once or twice this past year. She wanted to know if she could see the boys for a couple of extra days over the upcoming school break. She has a hard time reaching Buddy and knows I can arrange it.

The problem is that over the years (up to and including the present) she's been anything but honest with me, told the kids I'm a liar countless times, lies to them, and has cost me a fortune in legal fees fighting for grandparent's rights and custody. Their final trial resulted in the court granting her very limited visitation and ordering her to pay child support, which she has not paid all year. Now she asks me for a favor.

I ask myself why I should facilitate for someone who so clearly dislikes me? She wouldn't do me the same courtesy. I'd just like one time to see her extend a real hand to make this world easier on the boys. Paying her back child support would be a good start.

I do want to make sure the best interest of the kids are served but if this was a situation with Tio, I'd be telling him I expect him to put something on the table first (see Friday's post) after being burned so many times. After all, she still has the option of working it out through Bud.

Is this one of those "turn the other cheek" moments?