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Eyes in the back of my head

While picking Kit up from his after school program today I asked innocently, "How was your day at the office?".
He gave me a strange look and said "I dunno." Then he kept looking at me and saying "What?".
I didn't think too much of it. The program supervisor said he had a good afternoon so I left it there.

Riding home in the car, I asked how his day went. He said, "fine." Then he quickly added, "Okay, I had to go to the office because of what happened at lunch." He confessed to getting rude with his food at lunch and getting a one way ticket to the principal's spare chair. "How did you know?"

"How did I know what?"
"That I had to go to the office?"
"I didn't."
"They didn't call you? Then why did you ask me how I did at the office?"
That's when I broke out laughing. "I asked how your day at the office was like asking how your day at school was. It's the way adults ask each other about their day."
"You mean I told you all that for nothing?" The tone of dread was priceless.
"Oh, don't sweat it, I'd have found out sooner or later anyway."

You gotta love serendipity.