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Reaping what you sow

Tio is dying to go to a midnight skate at the common for winter carnival tonight. His friends, especially his latest girlfriend, will be there. The problem for me is I just don't have the energy or will to drive around town in the dead of night and besides, the late nights are my own personal quiet time. I already took them out for pizza and went skating earlier and we just finished watching a movie.

He's spent the entire evening trying to make a deal so I'll take him downtown. "I promise I'll do this, I promise I'll do that". The problem is he always promises and never follows through. The latest behavior we're trying to curb with him is his foul mouth. He's developed a foul mouth and some rude talk that is unbecoming of anyone and especially a boy his age. We've been telling him for weeks in no uncertain terms it has to stop or there will be some real consequences but he's not got the message. Now he's hit the wall and thinks I'm the one being unfair.

Isn't it always the case that they do what they want and then plead and scream foul when it catches up with them. I told him that I want to see him show progress up front before I go out of my way for him. So the first thing he does after realizing the answer really is "no" is to cop an attitude with Buddy who just got home from work at 10:pm because he doesn't want to go out at midnight either. So much for earning good faith points for next time.