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A little night music

Finally Tish and I got a real night off together. The boys were away with their other grandfolks for an overnight (the first in months) so we had our home to ourselves for a whole night. ParTAY!

Not really...but still. I cleaned the place, bought some Chinese take out, a bottle of Beaujolais, and a couple of movies. I lit some candles and fired up the phony fireplace, and made sure the dogs were fed, securely content and out of our way. She got home from work and it was a lovely night. The movies weren't so good, the food was great and the company was superb.

The boys were due home late this afternoon which gave us all day to hang out, get a coffee and muffin, and buy a rocking chair at a warehouse-o-junk. After decades together it still doesn't get any better than that for us. Our joys are simple as long as they include each other.

I guess that's true love.