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The end of an era?

Here I sit at McGotcha's, the only place in town where you can take different age kids and satisfy them all. Tio's online, Doc is playing in the tunnels and Kit's tapped into his Mp3. Tio doesn't want to eat this stuff anymore and I never did. Doc would be happy to eat it every day. Kit is tapped into his Mps. Some other small kids just showed up and that's great for Doc. He's quite the social animal, like Tio, and could stay all day making friends and running around. By the time we go, he's always made a "new best buddy". I never used to have to lure Tio here with promises of wifi. He used to be just as eager as Doc is now. Kit is stuck in the middle. He's getting too big for the play area, he doesn't connect so easily with the kids and besides... he's tapped into his Mp3.

Maybe we're looking at the end of the Golden Arches.