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Help, police! I'm being spoken to!

Yesterday morning I was woken from a dead sleep at 7:30 am by a call from Debbie's sister, Auntie. On Sunday's blog I had mentioned that Debbie was living with Auntie at her apartment in our town. She called to ask if I would remove that detail because her landlord didn't allow it and she could get evicted. I hardly knew who it was partly because I was half asleep and partly because she's barely said five words to me in the ten years I've known her and her call now was a big surprise. I said fine and did her the favor when I got up.

Today I learned that she trashed me in her blog (yes, readers, Auntie has a blog devoted in part to trashing me) for doing her this favor. She wrote that our phone conversation consisted of her threatening me with some kind of legal action if I didn't remove the blog that said her sister was living in her apartment because it was contrary to her lease - which could precipitate in her eviction, should anyone want to bring it to the attention of her landlord. Then she called me a half wit for being groggy. Now, I didn't expect roses or candy, or even a thank you, but I always thought when you do someone a favor it might make them a bit less hostile towards you. Not so for Auntie. I guess she made up the threat part to make it sound like it wasn't a favor - that maybe I was breaking some law by saying that she was risking eviction by allowing her sister to live with her in that apartment and therefore must remove it from my blog.

Anyway, at Tio's ballgame tonight I asked her three times why she would ask a favor and then call me names. She wouldn't answer. At least, she wouldn't answer then. After we got home a policeman came to my house informing me she was filing a harassment complaint against me. I've mentioned before that her family does like to bring the police into their domestic issues, no matter how trivial, rather than work them out themselves.

Both Tio and Kit were disgusted by this and can't understand why she behaves this way. So I guess that closes the door on us working anything out with their family. We offered to talk with the other grandparents a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard a peep from them, either. I was going to say it's a shame, but crossed it out realizing that a bridge between our two families might be more work than it's worth. They do not see the world the way we do and trying to reconcile that might be more frustrating than leaving well enough alone and dealing with occasional friction.

One thing is certain, I have no need to try and knock on Auntie's better side again. Fool me once, and all that. I'll still wish her luck and hope she doesn't get evicted for having her sister living in her apartment.