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A Brave New World for a brave young boy

Kit had a good day. Buddy and I met with his school advisory team this morning and we all had good news to share about his attitude, his concentration, and his outlook. He's had some tough adjustments in the past weeks with the new meds but seems to be assimilating them well now. I went back to the school to help with his homework this afternoon and he was in a good mood, willing to think, even teasing with jokes. He even expressed concern more than once about Buddy having a bout of food poisoning last night, something he never would have said before - even if he felt it. The topping on all of this was during an IM conversation with his mom, she told him some potential bad news and was he able to accept it. When I put him to bed, he expressed his worry about it but I said the best thing to do was wait and see rather than fret and panic. We shared a pinky wish that everything would be alright for her and he was ready for lights out.

I don't think I can express how good all this makes me feel. It's been such a hard year for him and I've sweated it out with him every step of the way. If we can hold on to this new beginning, this boy is going to bloom.