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The last lap of the school year

Vacation week is over and it's time to settle back into our routine. I'm at the park with Doc, Tio is romping around here somewhere, and we pick Kit up in an hour. It's warm enough to hang laundry outside, take daily walks down the trail, and overheat the dogs in a hurry. After last week's flurry of emotion on the blog, that too has settled down. We've had no response from the other family yet to our extended olive branch of peace, except that Auntie has said she won't talk with us as long as we communicate with Marcia. I might suggest that laying it all at Marcia's feet misses the point but that's her call. Tio has also written his own "two cents worth" that I'm not sure I should post because it is a bit inflammatory.

There were a couple of positive milestones last week, too. After going to Easter services with Marcia, Tio has decided he wants to go to church every Sunday with them. We think that would be great and hope he sticks to it. It's a non-denominational Christian church. Kit changed meds and is taking one that seems to be helping so far. This week at school will be the real test. And little Doc has 5 out of 7 nights free of bedwetting or needing to get up in the middle of the night. He's really proud of that and feels like a big guy wearing just undies to bed.

Sometimes the small things are really the big ones.