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Mea culpa

Earlier this week I let my anger and frustrations with Debbie's family get the better of me. In Tuesday's blog "Help police! I'm being spoken to", I related my frustration that Auntie would ask for a favor and then insult me for it. Rather than drop it, I let it get under my skin and should have just dropped it.

Knowing how Debbie's family uses police intervention to resolve problems, I should have expected to see them at my door even before I tried to talk with Auntie. This is the second time we've had them send the authorities to our home for no good reason except to provoke: the child services investigation last month - for which we just received their report that the allegations were completely false; and the police visit this week, also completely uncalled-for.

I owe the biggest apology to Kit. This has brought back anxieties for him of less safe environments by putting him in the middle of something that shouldn't have happened in the first place. In all the years that he's visited or lived here I can't recall any instance of the cops coming other than when I reported our being threatened by a loose dog on a bike ride last year. But they've seen the police show up at all their other homes too many times, sometimes ending in disaster where one parent was removed or precipitating in them having to move homes.

So, I apologize to my readers for engaging in this. I mean this to be a blog that speaks of the hard things as much as happy ones. So, one of the hard truths is that I can react badly as much as the next person when my back is up - much as I wish I didn't. I apologize to my family for allowing this to get out of hand when I know better. Mostly, I apologize to the boys for bringing this crap back into their lives.