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A very long day.

Man, what a day. And it's only four o'clock.

Tish got some kind of stomach bug yesterday and it's been eating a whole through her all night. She still hasn't been able to get out of bed. So when I got into bed last night at 3 am, I had to set my alarm for 6:30 to get the kids up and off to school. I fed the dogs and fell over for a nap because I had a meeting 50 miles away at noon. When I woke up at 10, Tio called to say he has practice at 4 and needs his equipment. I got home from my meeting at 2, took care of the dogs and made some toast for Tish then caught another quick catnap until 3:30 to rack my night's sleep total up to 5 big ones, picked Doc up at the bus stop and got down to the ballfield with the cleats and glove.

On the way down here Doc was doing his usual incessant nattering, made up mostly of inane questions he knows bug me. Stuff like: "Where's Dad?" or "Why is it cloudy out?" and "Is this the soft top on the Jeep?". Fortunately, the Jeep (which I put the soft top on for the summer last weekend) is noisy and I couldn't hear him very well. We got to the park and just as he starts running to the playground he announces, "I think I'll stay home tomorrow and ask you a lot of questions." Thanks, I'm thinking, if only it was my birthday cause it's what I always wanted.

I've got a few minutes now to write my blog before we pick Kit up, then I'll hustle everybody home to make supper, hang a load of laundry up, feed dogs, cook something for Tish if she's well enough to keep any food down, and have just enough time to read bedtime stories for Doc before we head back down to the ballpark for Tio's game at 8. We'll get home again around 10, where I'll settle the boys in for the night and creep down to work in my flute shop until 2 or 3.

Just a typical day in the hood.

PS> I'm about to upload and it's 12:20 am and I just got down to the shop. The baseball game got delayed in the middle because of lightning and we didn't get home until 11:30 when I made some hungry boys sandwiches. Then I hung up more laundry and checked in on Tish, who still isn't doing much better.

Man, what a day.