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Tio's Latest Post: America's favorite pastime... when apporopriate.

I try to be nice, I try to be fun but all in a respectful manner. Today I saved my baseball team from losing the first game of three. As one of the captains, I try to get good hits, get good plays defensively and try to have sportsmanship in that order. Have a little fun, joke around and stuff. But when we played our last inning, a "bad word" was used by one of our team mates towards the other team while saying good game after we won. So our coach calls us over as a team, very upset. He looks everybody in the eyes, then starts speaking. "While you boys were out there, did you guys say any degrading things to the other team?" Everybody looked around, wondering who would raise their hand... not a soul. Coach looked around the huddle again and told us "Anybody who doesn't want to confess right here, come back to my car and apologize to me for embarrassing me and making the other player feel bad." We all put our hands in a gave our team name a good shout. Everybody had their heads slung under their shoulders.

Nobody went to Coach's car, nobody said a peep. So much for sportsmanship...