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Man, what a week

I just came off a marathon silver chasing session this past week that ended in a 16 hour flat out shop time ending at 5:30 am, followed by 2 hours of sleep, then a photo shoot and another 3 hours of finishing up before a rush to the post office to overnight the art work off. All week I was catching up because I had a brain cloud and couldn't come up with the last few design ideas until the deadline was nearing. I didn't have to meet the deadline but it made things easier and I like living up to the promises I make.

While all this was going on, the world still spun round, suppers needed making, noses put back into joint, and problems solved. Kit had a minor surgery last week that involved general anesthesia. He was a real brave boy right up to the moment they were going to turn on the gas. I stood beside him, garbed in a hospital gown and holding his hand while he went into a bit of a panic. I couldn't blame him, surrounded by a team of total strangers all turning on machines and strapping him up to them. He reluctantly breathed through the mask until his hand went limp as he passed out.

My turn for a moment if panic. Over the years, I've accompanied many beloved dogs to their final breath, with tears in my eyes, my hand holding a paw while the doc gave them a needle. Seconds later a long time friend went limp in my arms and left this Earth forever. For a split second as Kit's arm dropped, my mind flashed to euthanizing dogs and I felt a moment of such loss that I could hardly bear it. Reason returned and I knew he was in good hands and would be back with us in a couple of hours. I left the operating theatre and sat down with Buddy in the waiting room. It was a very long 2 hours but it all ended well.

My plan to spend so much more time on writing hasn't panned out so far the way I had hoped. Like cleaning out the garage and finding itcompletely refilled within weeks, the space I made in in my schedule cluttered right back up with a ton of junk. But I have to finish this book before I move on to another project. I've invested too much time and sweat and soul to set it aside again.

Tio had some behavioral problems again last week which limited his freedom yet another time. Sometimes I'm not convinced he understands much of what's going on around him and other times, he seems so lucid. I think it's best right now that we let things ride until the kid figures them out for himself.

Well, it's hotter thane Satan's speed dial list, twice as humid, and we have no air conditioning. I think I'll slip down to the library or the pub or McCoffee's for a couple of hours writing.

Stay Tuned...