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Attack of the liverwurst sandwich

I knew it was old. It didn't smell bad. It was late late at night and there wasn't much to eat. Maybe I could get away with it. Nope. I had such a gutache this morning that even Tums couldn't rescue me. I took a turn for the wurst and it wasn't pretty. Fortunately, it was short of actually being bad so all I got was indigestion and not food poisoning. But, man what a day.

As luck would have, everything else was fine. The kids had a quiet day off, then they ran around with friends at the weekly farmer's market for a couple of hours after which we went to the park with subs and saw Marcia and her family. It's reasonably early and everyone is in bed and fast asleep. That's the kind of day we want - sans the polluted paté pageantry.

Time to go down to the salt mines and make some flutes.