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Cool weather brings cool change

There's going to be a bit of a change around here this fall. Tish has decided to work fewer hours and take early social security so she can be around more to help me out with the boys. It will be good for her not to work so much and good to have her home more. There seems to be so much going on each day that it gets harder and harder to shuffle everyone around to their events and sports and still be able to have time to make more than an instant dinner. So my recipe repertoire has gotten a bit stale. Tonight Tish made swedish meatballs with a pastry on top that was so unusual Doc wouldn't touch it. The others tucked in for seconds and thirds. The changes will start next month when she turns a beautiful 62.

As for today, the weather was glorious. Along with all the usual falderal there was football and cheerleading, Doc came home early with a headache and Kit took a field trip to a native American burial site. I spoke with the other grandparents who had moved away and we arranged for the boys to go for a weekend visit to their new home over Columbus Day. Homecoming is this weekend and the boys are excited about the bonfire and parade.

Just another typical Tuesday.