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A shout out to Andrea

Richards Free Library
Our library director has kept our library running, successful, and growing for 23 years now. She is so good at her job that she runs hundreds of programs each year, the historic building is in good working order, and the library and staff are one of the centerpieces of our town. Why, she and I could both Google the same word and she gets better results - because even the internet likes her. She has given more than she may know to this town, and is special to her friends, of whom I would like to consider myself one (factoid: we share the same birthday).

This past summer, after always living in neighboring villages, she and her husband moved into town and it is great pleasure to run into her at the grocery store or say hello to her on Main Street on a Sunday afternoon. She has been so good to us, I just know the town will be good to her in return.

Welcome home, Andy.