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Sirsy & Serendipity

A couple of months ago, typing away on my novel at the pub I saw a poster for a band that was playing that night called Sirsy (sir-see). Serendipity being what it is, the novel I've been plugging away on for so long is called Circe's Daughter (pronounced Sir-see). I had to go. Turned out to be a duo of talented rockers that play an original mix of metal and punk and rock. By the end of the night I bought their latest CD.

Last night, the dynamic Sirsy duo of Melanie and Rich were back in town again and in the intervening months Kit and Tio had fallen for the music on the CD. This time I took Kit to the show with me. (Tio was beat from playing football all day long and went to bed). The pub is small, the band is loud, the room was crowded and noisy. I know it's not normally a place for a young boy but kids are allowed to eat in the pub until 9 pm and this is not a rowdy, smoke filled room of roughs shooting pool and breaking into drunken fights that one might imagine from movies. This is a restaurant/tavern full of good natured neighbors. We got a table in the front, Kit got autographs, we spoke to the performers, and had a root beer. He was nervous at first but had a great time. Being able to watch live music performed that close up isn't so easy to get to in rural New Hampshire and the experience was worth it for both of us.

Next Saturday night he and I are going to see a live performance of Romeo and Juliet. There will be bloodshed that night for sure!