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Life among the dogs

I haven't mentioned much about the dogs lately. They're mostly background noise to our little pageant (busy and constant - but background all the same) and I don't often have that many interesting stories to tell. Tish always has great dog stories because she loves dogs so much that her stories are always fun. I'm not sure what conversation lights me up that much. Politics stokes my fire but it's not the same. The kids? Sure. But that's because they envelop my life so much these days not because they are my passion.

Gulliver & Bunnie
Anyway, we have a father-daughter pair of dogs in Gulliver and Bunnie. They get along but Bunnie is really my dog, and constant companion. Lately Gully has decided he wants a piece of that action but Bunnie won't hear of it. Too bad for her. We don't allow such possessiveness with any dogs because it only leads to resource guarding, surliness, and fights. So when Gully wants to get close and cuddle, Bunnie is all up in his face and I have to hold her back to give him a turn.

That's when the fun begins. Bunnie won't bite or growl at me so she squirms and licks my hand like she's trying to wear it right off my wrist. Gulliver, knowing she can't get at him, flops down in my arms and starts slurping his sloppy nose and tongue all over my cheek while one eye stays on her. I can almost hear him saying,"Ha ha, I'm licking your lollipop!". Then he rolls over on his back for a belly rub while she's moaning away: "Lemme attim. Lemme attim!" alternating with whines of "how can you do this to me? I thought we had something special going, you and me.". This goes on for 5 minutes or so until Gully has had enough and he slides away to lie on the floor to think doggie thoughts and dream doggie dreams. Bunnie bursts out of my grip and practically smothers my face with her fur as though she's trying to rub any trace of her treacherous father's slobber off me. Then she settles down beside me with a long harrummph.

This kind of thing goes on all day in different ways while all 3 dogs jockey for their positions, push each other around, mooching and bemoaning their lowly station in our world. So much so that it has become just part of everything else that goes on around here. I imagine to visitors at our little quagmire this all must look quite strange and a couple of years ago, I'd probably have agreed.

I wonder what kind of jambalaya we'll be stewing in a couple years hence.