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"That costume is beast"

The Joker & his teacher
Today was the annual grade school Halloween parade through town where all the parents and onlookers pack Main Street while the kidlins march by in their costumes with their teachers in tow. The businesses used to open their doors and let their employees step onto the street and even give out goodies while the throng paraded by but the crowd seems to have seriously thinned out in the last couple of years.

As you can see, I decked Doc out as the Joker from Batman movies. It was an entirely homemade costume so I had to go into the classroom early with all the other moms and assemble it and paint his face. He loved every second of it. He was so excited to have his hair starched and colored green and then his face painted all in front of his friends. They all wanted green hair by the time I was done.

I left him there to take my spot downtown among the throng of admirers and when they all trouped by with beaming faces and ghoulish masks it was well worth it. When Tio got home from school and saw the pictures I took, in a complimentary tone he said, "That costume is beast!"