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And they're off!

The house is quietl All three boys just left for Thanksgiving at their other grands on Cape Cod. They're gone for 4 days. Four glorious days of quiet. I don't want to sound callous. After all, I love all of them to nth power but a few days off is bliss after no break since mid-October. We'll have a peaceful, noncombative Thanksgiving with Sugar and Danny and Bud. I won't have to use the word don't or no or raise my voice or break up fights for 4 days. It's like a vacation at Palm Beach. Never mind that there are 6 inches of snow on the ground or that I still have to cleanup the mess they left behind. I'll feel like Mary Poppins and the continuous quiet is my spoonful of sugar. By the time Sunday rolls around my batteries should be recharged and ready for the race to Christmas.

I wonder if they'd like to have Christmas on the cape?