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2 steps forward 1 step back

Kit still has a huge chip on his shoulder when it comes to Buddy. Bud is doing much better about being available and helping out. He brings things home for the kids, is in a good mood as much as anyone can be, takes them places on his weekends and days off and tries to be attentive and talk with them and find out how they're doing.

That seems to have no effect on Kit. He doesn't say hi when Buddy gets home, resists any affection aimed him, and argues over the smallest things.
Things are going better but seem to have regressed the past several days. He'll be getting along fine and joking with everyone and as soon as Buddy enters the scene he acts like he's not even there - won't look up, won't respond to questions, won't say hello. They don't fight so much as they used to but this chill runs deep.

I know that Kit's close relationship with his mom has cost his father. He blames Buddy for the separation and holds him responsible for his ongoing anxiety. All that is typical enough for most kids in circumstances like this. We have hoped that as things got better their relationship would improve. And it has. But is it a slow process.

So this morning, after having only 3 hours sleep I hear Kit and Buddy fighting over wearing a coat in the cold weather. Buddy stormed off, Kit ran down to the bus stop in a hoodie and I ended up driving to the school to deliver his coat.

And it's only Thanksgiving.