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Saucy little kid

Doc is a hundred percent smarter than he sounds. I'm constantly telling him to stop blathering away uselessly with no idea what he is talking about. I'm not trying to limit him talking, just get him to slow down on opening his mouth to respond to every little thing anyone says even if he hasn't got a clue what it's about. But he's wiley and does know better. For instance, when he's told to stop tattling, he rephrases to sound like he's asking something pertinent. "Hmmm," he'll say. "So, I wonder if, what I'm wondering is, I wonder is it snack time yet? Kit had a snack and I wonder if it's time for snack? What do you think, Grampy?" All because he trying hard not to say, "Kit took a snack! Kit took a snack and you said not to!"

Today, he had a hilarious moment of lucidity. While driving into town, when I told him that Dad would be home to make supper because I was going out, he said, "Yay! I like having Dad make supper because you..." and he cut himself of right there. "That is, you don't - I mean, sometimes..." Then he even did the zip lip thing with the key turning to lock his mouth shut.

"What?" asked Kit.

I just laughed and laughed. "He's got himself stuck trying not to say he doesn't like my cooking!" I said.

"It's just the sauces I don't like," said the impertinent little 1st grader, trying to recoup what he could.

Just the sauces. Gotta love that.