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Setting a fine example

Just back from McCheapy's with Kit and Doc. They're off delivering fundraiser goodies across the street and I'm trying to think up something profound to write. When Tish gets home from work, she and I are off to a birthday party for a great 80 year old woman. She's been an active democrat in this neck of the woods since the Kennedy administration and, this being New Hampshire, has met every president and presidential candidate right back to JFK. I've known her for almost 20 years and, except for growing a bit older, she's still the same sharp, clear thinker that wants to make this country, state and region a better place for everyone. She instilled the same values in her daughters and the whole family are always working hard during elections canvassing, holding up signs, cooking for volunteers and you name it. But what's even more important is they don't stop on election day. She's still out there making sure the voice of hard workers and underprivileged people are heard and even served in public office herself during several election cycles.

I guess that is profound. Knowing and admiring someone so dedicated to a lifetime of public service without looking for kudos or remuneration herself (NH hardly pays it's public servants) sets an example for us all to emulate and teach our children about. She knows that our democracy doesn't only function when you vote - a lesson a lot of people today could take note of. America is in a world of economic and social hurt. We have to work every day to help our communities succeed, kick Congress out of it's self-absorbed funk, and rebuild our education system, infrastructure, and working middle class.

Happy birthday, Ethel. Thank you for your example and your hard work.