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I've been outed

The boys go to 3 different schools. That's 3 different administrations, 3 different open houses, 3 completely different sets of teachers, and 3 wildly different aged kids. In all of that I figure I could still stay lost in the crowd. Fat chance.

A few weeks ago I was relaxing in the Jeep waiting for Tio to finish football on a sunny afternoon. Without opening my eyes I heard the boys all going past me towards the locker room. One voice chimed out "Dude! Tio's dad is snoozing one off in his car." Okay, so I get that the team all know who I am because I drop him off and I've been at the games and so forth. But I was a bit more surprised when I picked Kit up after school today. There was a band practice in his usual room and I was redirected upstairs. While I walked off down the hall I heard the band director ask "Who was that?" Almost every kid in the room, all strangers to me, said, "That's Tio and Kit's grandfather."

Maybe I should grow a beard.