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Live long and prosper

Live long and prosper
It turns out that it's not easy for many people to split their fingers down the middle to do the Spock greeting. I always could but have met many who look perplexed when their fingers won't do what their brain tells them to. Our boys couldn't do it either but weren't going to take no for an answer. Doc, the stubborn obsessive that he is, practiced by prying them apart with the other hand and worked on it until he got it. Not to be outdone Tio and Kit got it down and now our club sign is split fingers followed by "live long and prosper" which is the proper Vulcan greeting to go with the sign. (Tish, on the other hand, went for 'nanu nanu' feeling that Mork was more in keeping with this crazy crew).

When Tio and Kit were younger, and Doc barely born, the three of us had a club that started when Kit first learned to ride a bike. We'd race around the 'stoneyard' (local cemetery), go for long rides, and explore around the river. Tio, age 7, wanted to call the gang "The Killer Warriors from Blood" or something like that. Kit wanted to call us "The Fancy Boys" which shows where he was headed even at 5. I chose something in the middle.

Here we are years later using Star Trek hand signs and clich├ęs. I'll make good little geeks of them yet!