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The third shoe just dropped

Doc's biggest learning issue is his speech. He's come a long way but he's in a habit of speaking too quickly and slurring words together. In particular, he doesn't do well with double consonants like Th, Sm and Pl. In particular the Br sound - he says bah-roken (broken), bah-ring (bring) and so on. I correct and cajole and nudge him along but without cooperation it's just another thing he's being told to do and becomes part of the background noise of his 6 year old noodle.

But then comes Christmas. Tio got a scooter and little Doc is just drooling over the idea of having one, too. Time to bargain. Yesterday I said, "I'll get you a scooter for Christmas if you work on your words."
"What if I forget?" he asked.
"If you can remember a scooter all the time, then you can remember to be careful with your speech." That was Kit sitting in the seat next to him.

I couldn't tell if he would take the bait or not. But today while I was hanging laundry I heard him in the next room going "br br brrrrrmmmm bah-room, brrrooom. Broom. Broom. Broom."

It's going to be a very nice Christmas.