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You can't tell where your heart will take you

I'm in love!

I don't know if my wife will understand but how can you control your heart? I know I promised to to be true but circumstances change, the road becomes confusing, and the future unpredictable.

It's the new dishwasher. She's a beaut. She's industrious, self sacrificing and technosavvy (just what every guy needs, right?). I don't know how I lived so long without her. There I was year after year scrubbing away when she was there waiting in the wings all along. My life is so much easier now and she doesn't complain or leave half the dishes dirty, or say it's someone else's turn that night.

In the comic strip Robotman by Jim Meddick, a robot from another planet lives quietly with a suburban family. Robotman falls in love with the family washing machine (they were both of like minds and machinery, he thought). But it bothered poor R-man that she was inattentive, always let him carry the conversation, and he felt neglected. So he regularly took back the gifts he'd given her - a motor belt, a bit of hose, etc.. After that happens we always see the family with a stench rising off them in their rumpled unwashed clothes. Someone says, "I see the washing machine has broken R-man's heart again. Whose turn is it to get them back together?"

That's a cautionary tale. If I get a clothes dryer do you think the dishwasher will get jealous?