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Look out! He's got the measuring tape out again.

I guess successfully renovating the kitchen got me started. Last night I measured and drew and figured and measured again and scratched my head and measured a third and erased my first drawings and came up with a plan. Today, after a nice coffee reunion with a friend I haven't seen in quite some time, I motored over to H Depot and filled a cart with wood and brackets and rope. Then, to spare my poor little wagon too much strain on the roof I had the store cut up most of the wood into my third measurement segments and wheeled my way to the checkout (and only dropped one 4x8 particle board on my foot! Owwch).

Before you start thinking I'm building a gallows, I untwined the rope to tie the big bits on the roof. I putted home at 30 mph up bumpy roads and hills and unpacked my goodies in the breezeway that I cleaned out on Sunday. Tomorrow, the floundering carpenter is going to build bunk beds for Kit and Doc. Along the way I'll also hammer together a 3 segment boot box and coat rack to get us through the winter. However, my long term experience as a bad builder tells me I should be called "the wood chipper" not anything resembling the word carpenter. I know for a fact that by the end of the day, I'll have accomplished 3 things. My hands will have splinters and cuts, my temper will be completely spent, and there will be a pile of split wood, bent nails and empty beer bottles in my wake.

Whether I complete a bunkbed and boot chest is anybody's guess.