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Maybe all it takes is some drywall screws, a stack of 2x4s and a bit of confidence

Bunkbed Buddies

Busy coupla days. I got an early start sawing wood and so forth. A few early screw ups hammering some boards backwards but I got on the right track and by quitting time, I had the framing done. I couldn’t keep going because I had a 3 and a 5pm appointment and by the time I’d get home Doc would be in bed so I spent the rest of the evening at the pub writing and visiting a friend. (I even took the night off from the blog) I started with the same schedge this morning and by four I was all done. That was the easy part. The big questions remained: will Kit complain about sleeping under Doc? Will Doc be too scared to sleep so high off the ground?

I got the answers as soon as we all drove home from school. They ran downstairs and their excitement was like Christmas. Kit couldn’t be happier because the bunks are deep enough for some shelves for toys and stuff and Doc couldn’t contain himself. “Look, Grammo” he exclaimed as he jumped up and down the ladder, (which I made myself!) “I can go up this way or I can go up sideways, I can jump down, or climb down backwards.” He bubbled over with it so much that he wanted to go to bed a half hour early. “You know,” he said seriously, “so I can get a good night’s sleep.” I tucked him in while he organized all his books and stuffies around the bed and I got one of those world class happy smiles I was mentioning a few days back.

Maybe I’m not such a bad carpenter after all.